Daio GOO.N Unisex Nappy Size L for 9-14kg Babies 54Pk

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Daio GOO.N Unisex Nappy Size L for 9-14kg Babies 54Pk



Daio GOO.N Unisex Nappy Size L for 9-14kg Babies 54Pk

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    GOO.N Diapers are ultra dry + ultra soft! Here’s how we do it.

    1. Our ultra-dry embossed top sheet ensures a dry surface, as it directs moisture away from your baby’s bottom. This feature also limits / prevents leaks from the nappy back towards baby skin.
    2. New! Soft & Dry outer mesh sheet put wet through and keeps baby’s bottom dry.
    3. Our structure incorporates a soft, fluffy, vitamin E infused texture, and a unique 3D shape, to reduce direct skin contact and avoid irritation.
    4. As your baby grows and moves, our coverage meets your needs, with shirred waists and sides for sizes M, L, and XL. Your babies will feel freedom of movement and support for their full range of motion as their bodies develop.

    goon tech ultra dry sheetUltra-dry embossed sheet

    goon tech mesh img 3039af6d 4b07 45a8 8734 5e98e819cf95New! Soft & Dry outer mesh sheet

    goon tech vitamin e3D shape texture & Vitamin E

    tape ml goon tech img 180301Shirred waist and sides

    goon tech img 114 different animal designs

    goon tech img 2Wetness indicator

    goon tech img 3Breathable backing

    goon tech deodorizingDeodorizing effect

GOO.N Diapers Size Chart

Diaper Size Tape NB90 1f4ceab3 ad75 4c8f 81a4 e442b37953d0
Tape S84 fda187df c07f 42d0 8ef6 d941b20f80e9
Tape M64 bb7e51ad efd2 4f92 86e6 1be87aefc6a3
Tape L54 48a981df 191f 427d 8d4b 456d3241dfdc
Tape XL42 0d10cab9 a305 4e54 a73b 6394500784b9
Baby’s Weight Up to 11lb
(Up to 5kg)
9 – 18lb
(4 – 8kg)
13 – 24lb
(6 – 11kg)
20 – 31lb
(9 – 14kg)
27 – 44lb
(12 – 20kg)