Elis Compact Guard Ultra Slim Night Pads With Wings 29cm 15PK

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Keeps you comfortable even if you wear it for 5 hours! Even though it is an ultra-thin sheet, it absorbs a lot

Even if you absorb a lot of menstrual blood, it will not be sticky for 8 hours * 1.

Although it is slim with an ultra-thin sheet of only 1.9 mm, it is packed with super-absorbent polymer, so it absorbs twice as much as a normal napkin * 1 .

* 1 Comparison with our company “Elis New Bare Skin Feeling Night time Feathers on Many Days”

Easy to carry in individual packaging that does not look like sanitary products

Designed with different textures depending on the length Individual packaging makes it easy to carry in a pouch or pocket.

Firmly fixed even if it moves

The area of ​​the adhesive part of the shorts * 2 has been increased to 122%. It is safe to move.

* 2 Compared to our conventional products

Reduced discomfort around the suspension

The side gathers become soft fibers containing a softener, and the smoothness is improved by 4% * 2 .

* 2 Compared to our conventional products

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Dimensions 13 × 9.5 × 10 cm


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