Elis Gentle Touch Bare Skin Feeling Super Slim Night Pads with Wings 32cm 13PK

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Gentle on delicate skin during menstruation, with no sticky feeling (zero). It is a skin-friendly napkin that considers the feeling of bare skin.

  • Protect your skin from rubbing with the new Urusara sheet.

Reduced rubbing against the skin. Uses the Urusara sheet that is the first in Japan to contain moisturizing ingredients. It feels soft against the skin.

  • The smooth feeling continues even after absorption

It absorbs menstrual blood quickly and is has reduced contact with the skin, so it is not sticky. It absorbs menstrual blood instantly, so you can rest assured that it will leak.

  • Breathable back sheet adopted

Uses a breathable back sheet to reduce stuffiness that causes skin problems. 

  • Unique shape that is particular about the gentleness on the skin
    • The key points are the shape of the shavings, shavings, and clean width. 
    •  Uniquely shaped by cutting off the extra four corners that touch the skin, it reduces rubbing against the skin.
    • Diagonal cut that is easy to put on and hard to slip. The long wings make it easy to stack and prevent slippage. 
    •  It is hard to get twisted even if it moves. With its own width, it realizes a design that does not easily get twisted even if it moves.
  • Material that is easy to the suspension

Uses gathers * that reduce friction on the skin, making it gentle on the skin up to the suspension

    • * Approximately 42% reduction in shear stress due to friction on the skin. Compared to our conventional products
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