GOO.N Disney 大王迪斯尼 Smooth Ventilation 干爽透气 Nappy Pants Size M for 6-12kg Babies Jumbo 74PK*

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GOO.N Disney 大王迪斯尼 Smooth Ventilation 干爽透气 Nappy Pants Size M for 6-12kg Babies Jumbo 74PK*


GOO.N Disney 大王迪斯尼 Smooth Ventilation 干爽透气 Nappy Pants Size M for 6-12kg Babies Jumbo 74PK*

Goon Pants Smooth ventilation M size

M size (Weight guide: 6kg-12kg, Tummy circumference guide size 38cm-49cm)

Make your daily diaper change even more fun with the cute Disney design!

・ Adopt different characters for each size

・ The number of characters increases as the size increases.

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Quickly expel stuffiness and smooth your skin

underwear m img01* Image diagram

Quickly inhale pee Smooth absorber
Moisture is quickly expelled to the outside and your skin is smooth and comfortable!

goon massars M74 productphoto

Full ventilation sheet to expel stuffiness

For a long time * Even if you use it, it will continue to feel smooth!

* According to our research (the amount of urine varies from person to person.

Please check the condition of your child and replace it as appropriate.)

Clearance leakage peace of mind Soft and relaxed fit structure

pants s img05

Gathered back and underbody, it fits gently and absorbs loose poop and moisture.

Adopted absorber with deodorant function

baby pants deodorize* Image diagram

Reduces annoying odors after use.

Pee notification line that makes it easy to understand how to change diapers

baby pants Inform line* Image diagram

When it gets wet, the line turns blue to let you know the pee.

  • * In a humid place, the color may change even before use, but there is no problem in using it.
  • * The absorber may appear blue after a long period of time in a wet state.

There are 6 types of diaper patterns in all!

There are two types in one pack.

* For production reasons, two or more types may be included in one pack.

184293 baby pants illust

* The diaper pattern is designed with a combination of various characters.

* The diaper pattern illustration is “Mickey & Friends” for BIG size, and “Toy Story” for BIG large size.

Easy side stitching

pants l for women img04At the time of replacement, if you remove the side stitch, you can easily replace it without getting your hands dirty.

Convenient and easy post-processing tape

pants l for women img05After use, you can treat it hygienically by simply rolling it into small pieces and taped it.

A lot of ingenuity as you grow! Selectable “Gun” series
Pants Weight guide Estimated around the stomach
M 6kg-12kg 38cm-49cm
L 9kg-14kg 40cm-53cm
BIG 12kg ~ 20kg 44cm-57cm
Larger size than BIG 13kg ~ 25kg 48cm-63cm

Weight is a guide for choosing a size. Even if the weight is the same, the size that fits may differ depending on the body shape of the child.

Please choose the size that fits your body shape.


Individual packaging size
  • 375 x 380 x 160 mm

(Height x Width x Depth)

material Surface material: Polyolefin-based non-woven fabric Water-
absorbing material: Cotton-like pulp Polymer water-absorbing material Absorbent paper
Waterproof material: Polyolefin-based film
Fastening material: Polyolefin-based film
Elastic material: Polyurethane
binder: Styrene-based synthetic resin, etc.
Number of sheets 74 sheets
Number of cases 3 pack


Precautions for use

  • Keep the disposable diapers out of the reach of children so that they do not put them in their mouths.
  • If it does not suit your skin, discontinue use and consult a doctor.
  • Do not place it in a hot place such as near a heater.
  • The polymer absorbent inside the disposable diaper becomes jelly-like particles when it absorbs moisture, but it is safe to touch the skin of children.
  • As it is a disposable diaper, please do not wash it. If you accidentally wash the clothes, the contents of the disposable diaper may stick to other clothes.
  • In that case, rinse thoroughly with water.
  • Change dirty diapers frequently.

Post-use treatment

  • Dispose of stools on disposable diapers in the toilet.
  • Roll the dirty part inside and treat it so that it does not become unsanitary.
  • Do not throw disposable diapers in the bathroom.
  • Take home the disposable diapers you used when you went out.
  • Follow the rules in your area for how to dispose of used disposable diapers.

Precautions for storage

  • After opening, store it hygienically to prevent dust and insects from entering.

Additional information

Weight 2.2600 kg
Dimensions 37.5 × 16 × 38 cm


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