Goo.n Peace of Mind Toilet Training Pads 34Pk

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  • Free Size 
  • Unisex for both Boys and Girls

Fun for parents and children Toilet training. Cloth pants debut, the first step to “diaper bye-bye” Toilet training with your favorite cloth pants

  • Feeling wet: By feeling wetter than a normal diaper, it makes your child aware that they have “peed”.
  • Reliable with misalignment & leakage W: Secure the cloth pants from the front side to the backside with anti-slip tape. You can do toilet training without the hassle of washing and cleaning because it is safe from leaks.
  • Easy installation: You can easily attach it to cloth pants by folding them in half. There is no front or back of the product. Either can be used.

How to use the training pad

training pad img06

  1. Talk with your child before you start training.
  2. Attach the pad to the cloth pants. Peel off the release paper in half, align the pad with the crotch part of the cloth pants, and attach it firmly. Peel off the other half of the release paper and fix it.
  3. Put on the padded cloth pants for your child. Make sure that the pad is fixed in the center of the cloth pants, and put on the cloth pants with the pad attached to your child.
  • It absorbs about 2 times of pee (70cc each time), but it is a specification that pee remains on the surface. If it gets wet, replace it as soon as possible.
  • The usage is a guide for attaching the pad and does not guarantee that there will be no leakage.
  • Choose underwear that fits your body as closely as possible, and that the rubber is firm and does not slip easily.
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