GOO.N Baby Swimming Pants Size L for Boys (70-90 cm H, 9-14 kg W) Jumbo Pack 12PK

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Designed for swimming and water activities

  1. GOO.N Swimming Pants are diapers made for a snug fit, even in the pool. Developed purely for swimming, these diapers do not swell and allow your baby to move freely in the water.
  2. Cute designs make swimming pants more fun to wear!

Please be advised:
• This diaper is specifically designed for water use. Therefore, this product does not contain the same absorptive polymers required to function as a regular diaper.
• Not a reusable product.

Height Body Weight
M 60 cm to 80 cm 6kg ~ 12kg
L 70 cm to 90 cm 9kg ~ 14kg
BIG 80cm-100cm 12kg ~ 20kg

Weight is a guide for choosing size. Even with the same weight, the size that fits may differ depending on the baby’s body type. Please choose the size that fits baby’s body shape.

Additional information

Weight 0.2300 kg
Dimensions 17.6 × 18 × 15.3 cm





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