Welcome to Our Group Buy/PinDuoDuo/TuanGou Shop!Β 

Please read the following guidelines carefully before you place your Group Buy/PinDuoDuo/Tuan Gou order:

  • Benefits of group buy/pinduoduo/tuangou:
    • Lower price
    • Ability to buy with friends and family
  • Group buy/pinduoduo/tuangou ending date and time: final date and time for deal to be successful
  • Minimum and maximum number of items required for success
  • Keep track of deals sold
  • Place separate order for non-group buy items if unable to wait for group buy/pinduoduo/tuangou ending date and time
  • Ensure your Group Buy/Tuan Gou success by sharing buying link and asking friends and family to join shopping with you
  • We will dispatch your order as soon as the group buy/pinduoduo/tuangou ends
  • Please note that in the event that a group buy is not successful after the group buy ending date and time, all full refunds will be refunded to every group buyer’s account wallet for future shopping.
  • We strive to ensure that every group buy is successful, but in the rare instance that it is not, we want to ensure that our customers are not left empty-handed and can enjoy a hassle-free shopping experience with us in the future

Happy Group Shopping!

Note: We reserve the right to interpret the above guidelines.