Kao ATTACK PRO EX Clear Citrus Fragrance Laundry Soap Stan Remover 1 Pack Refill(80g)

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For mud stains on shoes, gym wear/uniforms, sports shoes and other shoes. The high level mud dispersant brings out even mud stains in the depths of fibers, and the mud-adsorbing foam very quickly picks it up.
With a refreshing clear citrus fragrance.

Contains no fluorescent agent.

– Prescription high detergency soap
– Scratch brush
– Easy to use
– Owned by KAO
– Imported from Japan

How to use
1) Wet the dirty area with water
2) Apply soap to the dirt
3) Brush with a special brush

Kao Attack Pro EX Soap Reill 80g x 1

◆ For mud dirt such as socks, gym clothes, uniforms, athletic shoes, slippers. The mud high dispersing agent removes even the dirt from the back of the sensor, and removes the dirt absorbed by the mud-adsorbing foam!

◆ Eli Sode stains on shirts and food spills.

◆ As there is exclusive case, it is easy to apply without hand slipping and  is convenient for storage.

◆ Contains no fluorescent agent. You can also use light-colored clothing

◆Deodorant effect sweat of smell also refreshing

◆ Refill please use Reill products (sold separately) “attack pro-EX soap” 

◆ Refreshing clear citrus fragrance

◆ Laundry soap (for partial cleaning of stained parts that is hard to clean)

For cotton, hemp and synthetic fibers


Pure soap (97%, fatty acid sodium), dispersant, fragrance

● If you are worried about discoloration, put it in a place where it is not noticeable, and check for color transfer to a white cloth after 5 minutes.

● Do not leave soap on or apply with undiluted liquid bleach. May discolor.

● Contains no fluorescent agent. Can also be used for light colored clothing.

● If the brush is rubbed too hard with the brush, it may be damaged. Use it after trying it on the inconspicuous part. Do not use on things that are easy to catch or peel off.

Precautions for Use

● Do not use for other purposes.

● Be careful about where you put it to prevent accidental eating by people with dementia.

● Wash hands thoroughly with water after use.

● Use cooking gloves if you are rough or use for a long time.

● Do not place in hot places.

● Soap may shrink or the surface may appear white due to humidity.

● The shape of the soap may change due to dropping. If it can be set, it can be used without problems.

● Do not place containers near fire.

● Be careful not to get mold remover on the container. May crack.

● If the brush opens or the clip becomes difficult to fix, replace it with a new one.

● If it gets into your eyes, immediately wash it away without rubbing.

● If swallowed, rinse mouth without vomiting and take measures such as drinking water.

◆ Please read carefully the usage and precautions described in this product before use.

Above is Machine Translation of Japanese Transcript:


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