Kao Cucute Concentrated Dishwashing Liquid Clear Sterilization Green Tea 240ml

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With Cucute’s original hybrid wash formula, just lightly rub it to break down oil stains! The moment the long-lasting foam is rinsed, it pops at once, quickly breaks the foam without leaving a slimy oil. Feel the dirt removed with your fingertips and sound. It can sterilize sponges and cutting boards, and remove viruses from cutting boards, tableware, and cooking utensils (not all bacteria and viruses are removed.). Approximately 20% water saving when rinsing (Kao evaluation based on fact-finding survey). Gentle on the hands

  • Citric acid breaks down tea and coffee stains. Suitable for clearing tea and coffee stains with bacteria Clean with clear disinfectant while lathering, the dirt will fall off cleanly and straight.
  • Citric acid makes your glass and sink shiny. Remove even the dullness of milk that remained in the glass and the limescale of the sink that is difficult to remove with the power of citric acid. Your glasses will stay clean and your sink will have a sparkling finish.

The scent of Green Tea. Mild acidity

Ingredients: Surfactants (38%, higher alcohols (anions), alkyl glucosides, alkyl hydroxysulfobetaines, sodium dialkyl sulfosuccinates), stabilizers, metal sequestering agents, disinfectants

How to Use

    • Disinfecting the sponge: Squeeze the sponge well, apply about 8ml of the undiluted solution, allow it to penetrate evenly, and leave it until the next use.
    • Sterilization of cutting board: Wipe off the water from the cutting board that has been washed once, apply about 8ml of the undiluted solution evenly, leave it for about 20 minutes, and then rinse it with water. (Not all bacteria can be sterilized)
  • Cucute (transparent type) is a series that you can wash while enjoying the scent. Sticky oil stains and solidified oil can be removed cleanly, and bubbles can be cut off quickly even when rinsing. 
  • Cucute Clear Sterilization can not only wash + sterilize but also remove astringency + deodorant + dullness. Since it contains citric acid, it decomposes colored stains such as tea astringent and coffee astringent, and dullness and water stains such as milk to make it shiny. 
  • Cucute Hand Mild protects the moisture of the hands and removes oil stains at once. It greatly suppresses the penetration of cleansing ingredients into the skin, which was one of the causes of rough hands, and prevents the loss of moisture.
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