Kao Haiter Kitchen Bleach Foam Handy Spray 400ml

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KAO Kao Haiter
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Sterilization Bleaching Deodorize Virus Removal in One


A kitchen bleach that can be easily sterilized, virus removed, bleached, and deodorized by spraying when you notice it. For sterilization, virus removal, and bleaching of cutting boards, kitchen knives, and cups.For receiving dust from drains, removing slime from triangular corners, and deodorizing. Bleaching can be done in 5 minutes, and sterilization and virus removal can be done in 2 minutes quickly.

Can be used on kitchen utensils such as cutting boards, kitchen knives, tableware (teacups), cups, water bottles, tumblers, mugs, lunch boxes, sinks, drainage bins, triangular corners, washtubs, drainage baskets, etc.

Ingredients: Sodium hypozincate (chlorine type), surfactant (sodium alkyl ether sulfate), sodium hydroxide Liquid:  alkaline

Can be used on: Plastic products (excluding melamine), stainless steel products, silicon products, nylon products, artificial marble, pottery, glassware, wood, and bamboo products

★ Materials of unknown material ・ Wood products may discolor, so check in an inconspicuous place before using.

Can’t be used on: Melamine tableware, lacquerware, metal products (excluding stainless steel), natural stone cookware/equipment, animal hair brushes, products and places that cannot be washed with water, foods, and chlorine-based products that are labeled as unusable

How to use: Spray 5 times per 10 cm square (4.5 ml) Spray directly on the object at a distance of about 10 cm. 

Before use: Align the “out” at the tip of the nozzle with the ▲ mark. If you pull the lever without adjusting it, the liquid may pop out. Do not point the spray port at your face.
After use: Align the nozzle properly with the “stop”.

Sterilization/deodorization / virus removal

Plastic cutting board, dust receiving at the drain port: Leave for Approximately 30 seconds then rinse with running water for 30 seconds or more.
● Other than the above: Leaving Approximately 2 minutes then rinse with running water for 30 seconds or more.

★ If not washed thoroughly, it may rust or deteriorate.

★ Thoroughly wash away the sink that has been exposed to the liquid.

Bleach/slime removal

Leaving for approximately 5 minutes then rinse with running water for at least 30 seconds.
★ If not washed thoroughly, it may rust or deteriorate.
★ Thoroughly wash away the sink that has been exposed to the liquid.
* Be sure to read the usage and precautions carefully before use. Do not use if you are not feeling well or if you have heart disease or respiratory disease. 
● Be sure to ventilate by turning the ventilation fan
● Wear cooking gloves and eyeglasses to protect your eyes.
● Do not use it for any other purpose.
● Be careful when handling this product and tableware during bleaching to prevent accidental ingestion.
● Do not use in large quantities at once or continue to use for a long time.
● Be careful not to get the liquid on your eyes, skin, or clothing.
● Do not use with other detergents.
● Do not mix with acid-type products, chlorine-based drainage slime remover, swill, vinegar, and alcohol. Dangerous due to the generation of harmful gas.
● The effect is reduced when used in combination with oxygen bleach.
● Do not transfer to another container for use.
● Be careful as the liquid will decolorize the clothes, rugs, and furniture.
● Do not drop to avoid damage. Do not knock it down and store it.
● Avoid direct sunlight and do not place at high temperatures. Chlorine-based
● Hazardous chlorine gas is emitted when used (mixed) with acid-type products. 
● If the liquid gets into your eyes, immediately wash with water. ● Avoid touching children’s hands. ● Be sure to use it with good ventilation.
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