Kao Haiter Washing Machine Cleaning Sterilizing & Deodorizing Powder 180G

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KAO Kao Haiter
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  • The foaming component of the dense enzyme penetrates the gap of the washing tank and removes dirt. 
  • Just put it in the washing tank that has water! 
  •  It can clean and disinfect mold, water red on the backside of the washing tank. 
  • The deodorant smell is also refreshing unpleasant! 
  • Can be used for both stainless steel and plastic tanks. (Drum type washing machine, two tank-type washing machine can not be used because it can not be added every time) 
  • Even a large capacity washing tank is sufficiently effective at 180g. 

How to use
(1) Apply lukewarm water (water) to a high water level.
(2) Cut the tip of the soaking mouth along the dotted line and put a total of 180g.
(3) Dissolve for 2 to 3 minutes and leave for about 2 hours.
(4) From the state as it is, drives on the standard course. The accumulated dirt on the rinse water and scrap removal nets show the effect.
・ It is effective to use lukewarm water (about 40 degrees)
・ If dirt remains in the tank after use, rinse with 1-2 times standard course further.
・ If the product is used for the first time or is heavily soiled, it can not be removed in a single-use and may continue to be soiled. At that time, please use the washing tank Haiter again.
・ Do not put in the laundry while using this product. Clothing may be discolored. 

Surfactants (12%, arkanoiloxybenzensulfone acid sodium), foaming agents (sodium percarbonate), alkaline agents (carbonate), Rust prevention goods, stabilizing agents 

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