Kao Laurier Happy Bare Skin Botanical Cotton 100% Lavender & Chamomile Fragrance Panty Liner 54PK

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A panty liner is very gentle on the skin and light every day.

  • For delicate bare skin, carefully selected natural materials that are gentle on the skin
  • The surface sheet is 100% natural cotton that is hard to get a rash.
  • Secure fit so it is difficult to twist 
  • The fully breathable sheet that allows air to pass through smoothly 
  • Thin 1mm Vaginal discharge absorption sheet
    ・ Although it is very thin, it firmly traps vaginal discharge!
  • Natural plant-derived aroma combination of relaxing lavender & chamomile.

It’s convenient at such times!
・ When you don’t want to get your important shorts dirty
・ When you are worried about dirty or stuffy vaginal discharge
・ During pregnancy or after childbirth

Put it on properly and flatten the crotch part of the anti-slip shorts. When pasting, follow the arrow and press with your finger.

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