Kao Laurier Happy “Bare Skin” Ultra Slim 35CM Night Pads with Wings 10PK

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KAO Laurier
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Kao Laurier Happy “Bare Skin” Ultra Slim 35CM 10PCS Night Pads with Wings

For delicate bare skin during menstruation. A lot of good things for your skin in consideration of comfortable wearing.
New fluffy experience! It’s smoothon heavy days while fluffy on light days. Feels good on your skin for a long time.
● Original hypoallergenic design Fluffy surface sheet
● Suction power 125% (compared to our conventional products)
● Soft and soft tailoring
● Minimize the contact area with the skin in the Laurier sanitary napkin
● Reliable until morning! 6 times high-absorbent polymer * blended
* Compared with Laurier skin clean guard for heavy nights


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