Kao Magiclean Toilet Deodorant Extra Strong Cleaning Spray Fresh Herb 400ml

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KAO Kao Magiclean
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This is a very convenient toilet cleaner that can be used not only for “cleaning” the inside of the toilet bowl but also for “deodorizing the toilet” and “cleaning the toilet bowl and floor”. After the urinary odor blocker, EX is added to the toilet, it is sprayed into the toilet bowl to prevent urine odor.

  • Fresh herb scent
  • Made in Japan

For cleaning
Toilet seat, floor, etc.
● Spray and wipe with toilet paper or a dry cloth.
Inside the toilet bowl
● Spray, lightly rub with a brush, etc., and rinse with water.

For sterilization * 1 and virus removal * 2
Toilet seat, floor, etc.
● Spray directly, leave for 5 minutes, and wipe off.
Inside the toilet bowl
● Spray directly, leave for 5 minutes, and rinse with water.
* 1 Not all bacteria are sterilized.
* 2 Not all viruses are removed.

To deodorize and prevent stool from adhering
Inside the toilet
● Spray into the toilet before or after stool.

★Safe for septic tanks.
★ Can also be used for portable toilets (excluding wooden and soft type toilet seats) and warm water washing toilet seats.

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