KAO Merit Kids Foamy Shampoo for Tangled Hair Peach Scent 300ml

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KAO Kao Merit
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Non-silicone prescription  with gentle scent of peach soap 


A foaming children’s shampoo that can be used to clean hair that is easily entangled by children, and to clean sweat odors and stains.

It comes out as foam from the beginning, and the foam does not settle, and it reaches every corner of the skin to lift dirt and wash it cleanly.

 It can be washed well even with a weak force, and the foam flows quickly, so rinsing is quick.
 The same weak acidity as hair and skin
The non-silicone prescription that can be washed cleanly
 Pump that can be easily pressed by children

Recommended for children to wash alone

Gentle scent of peach soap 

There is also a “conditioner” of the same series that can be used as a set

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