Kao Laurier Slim Guard Night Pads with Wings 35cm 13PK

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KAO Laurier
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With its unique stress-free design, you can stay comfortable during your period as usual!

  • Supple fit and no worries about leakage even on heavy days
  • Instantly smooth ♪ No stickiness
  • Extremely thin 1mm absorber adopted! No stickiness
  • A fully breathable sheet prevents stuffiness
  • The pouch is clean and stress-free to carry!
  • Absorb twice as much! *
  • No ruggedness
  •  Fragrance-free
    * 1 Compared to our conventional product
  • This is a Japanese product and the labels on the item are only written in Japanese
  • Above is a machine translation and may include obscure expression
  • The packaging of the real product may be different from the image.

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Weight 0.1400 kg
Dimensions 11.2 × 10.2 × 11.6 cm


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