Mandom Barrier Repair Mask Soft 5PK

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Barrier Repair Facial Mask Soft

Sheet mask containing plenty of beauty serum that penetrates the outer layer of skin to deliver moisture. Soft and ultra-bouncy type.

  • Contains emollient ingredients that have a high moisturizing effect and soften the skin.
  • Contains royal jelly (moisturizing)
  • Contains baby water lipid (moisturizing)
  • Contains water-retaining ingredients that have a similar structure to the constituents of vernix that protects baby’s skin (lecithin hydroxide, etc.)
  • Plump, soft and highly adherent sheet
  • You can freely adjust the eyes, nose, and chin to match the shape of your face.
  • 5 Free & Hypoallergenic Prescription
    Fragrance Free・ Colorant Free ・ Preservative Free ・ UV Absorber Free ・ Mineral Oil Free.
  • * This product is fragrance-free, but the faint scent that you feel during use is due to naturally derived moisturizing ingredients.
  • Patch test and stinging test completed.
    * Not all people are free from skin irritation.

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