Merries Nappy Size NB for New Born to 5kg Babies Jumbo Bonus 96 Pack*

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Merries Nappy Size NB for New Born to 5kg Babies Jumbo Bonus 96 Pack


Merries Nappy Size NB for New Born to 5kg Babies Jumbo Bonus 96 Pack

Based on skin research Since Merries’ first launch, our gentle to skin concept has been based on continuous skin research.

Your baby’s skin is so delicate!


Your baby’s skin is only half as thick as an adult’s skin.

A newborn baby’s skin is only half the thickness of an adult’s skin — so thin and delicate.

The moisture level in the nappy can go up to 80%*1

A newly wet nappy might seem to have absorbed the pee immediately, but it’s surprisingly still moist in there. Remember that babies sweat twice as much as adults*, thus the pee and poo can irritate the baby’s moist and sweaty skin, causing nappy rash.

Stuffiness and moisture makes the skin soggy, which is a cause of nappy rash.


  1. *1 Kao measured value: The moisture level is measured while the nappy is worn
  2. *2 Amount of sweat produced per unit area

Breathability that removes moisture and stuffiness is so important!


For long-lasting dryness!

1.Reduce stuffiness; one factor of skin irritation

3layer Air-through system

2.Ultra soft and absorbent surface for delicate skin!

Airy Soft Surface 2 Convex Shapes

Newly mounted on center part’s volume-absorbent zone!

Softer texture. Lasting softness!
So gentle to skin even after absorbing a lot of pee.
Both side parts are made of multiple fine waves(=convex-concave)!
To absorb and lock in pee & poo, so that they will not spread around.

Larger Convex Shape Quickly absorb in pee and poo

Smaller Convex Shape To prevent spreading of poo around diaper.

From the triple layer air-through system 97%* of mothers find a drier bottom for their babies! *Kao survey. September 2015 Hearing to Japanese Moms.

Even after my baby has peed a lot, his bottom never felt wet. It’s incredible how a nappy can absorb so much moisture!


I checked the dryness of my baby’s bottom several times while changing her nappy, and I was surprised to find how dry it was!


There’s no dampness on the nappy my baby’s bottom even after changing the nappy that my baby has worn overnight!


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