Nepia Hana Celeb Extra Smooth Lotion Facial Tissue 200 Sheets x 3 Boxes

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 Oji Nepia released Hana Celeb in 2004. At that time, I thought that this facial tissue was a little pricey because of its cute packaging. However, it’s not only cute but also is very soft and smooth. It contains moisturizing ingredients such as glycerine and sorbitol. Soon after Hana Celeb was released, it became very popular in Japan, and many people say that they used to have chapped noses from frequently blowing, but after starting using Hana Celeb, their noses doesn’t hurt anymore because Hana Celeb is extremely soft! Every time you use Hana Celeb, the picture of adorable animal on the packaging makes you happy. 🙂 I think this small pocket facial tissue is perfect for women, children and people who have allergies or cold. You can find Hana Celeb at drugstores and supermarkets in Japan. By they way, hana (鼻) means nose in Japanese. Celeb (セレブ) in Japanese comes from celebrities in English, but celeb in Japanese means rich or wealthy people. That’s why your noses feel rich with high quality facial tissue like Hana Celeb.

A cream ingredient is newly added, and it feels like a veil of moisture.
Napier’s unique “triple moisturizing” and “vegetable squalene” have taken moisture from the air into the tissue, making it even softer.
Perfect for delicate skin care as well as cold and pollen periods.

100% fresh pulp
plant-derived squalene
cream ingredients, etc.

*this is a Japanese product and label on the item is only written in Japanese
*above is a machine translation and may include obscure expression

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