Pampers Unisex Pants/Pull Ups Size XL for 12-22kg Babies Jumbo 52PK (50+2 Bonus PCs)

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Pampers® Smooth Care Pants

Super Thin Magic Every Morning!

Smooth Skin Sound Sleep Until Morning

the latest technology only with outstanding absorbency Pampers, though it is thin, it rarely leaks!


Light and comfortable. And it seldom leaks!

Feels comfortable and dry all night long even after peeing.

3 Magic Absorbing Channels

Keep the pee off the skin and keep the skin clean and dry for 12 hours

Prevents Leakage for Up to 12 Hours

It is more secure with Pampers absorbency and anti-moisture gathers

Protect baby’s buttocks from stuffiness

Smooth Air Ventilation Channels

Create space for air to flow freely inside the nappy after pee absorption for breathable dryness overnight.

Soft Cotton Style Sheet

A soft top layer gently and comfortably wraps the baby’s skin. Soft as cotton.

Adapts to a baby’s movements for a comfortable fit.

Super Fluffy Revolution

Wrap gently without tightening around the stomach.

Featuring an all-around stretchy waistband they go on with just one pull, even when your baby is wriggling around. Crafted with ultra-soft materials, they are Pampers’ softest nappy pants, made to wrap your baby in nothing but comfort, while the 3 absorbing channels lock wetness away, your baby can experience all the dryness you expect from Pampers. So now nothing will get in the way of your baby’s playtime.

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