Pampers Toilet Training Pants Size XL 12-22kg 32PK

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Pants-Type diaperPampers® Graduation Pants

To support toilet training baby diaper graduation
Smooth toilet training with “wet seats”.

Absorber that feels wet immediately so baby realizes when pees.


Prevents Leakage Barrier

It is more secure with Pampers absorbency and anti-moisture gathers


About 2 Times Absorption Capacity

Absorbs as much as about 2 times the amount of pee for peace of mind.

Smooth air ventilation line

Why Training Pants?

Toilet training pants are like the bridge between nappies and underwear for your child’s transition from nappies to underwear. So toilet training pants are an important part of their transitions.

Generally, the toilet training pants are less absorbent than nappies to help the child feel some form of wetness and also help avoid the consequences of accidents.

Pampers toilet training pants are designed specifically to help with this phase of your child’s development.

Using pampers toilet training pants can help your child grasp the habits of pulling their underpants up and down; the sense of keeping themselves dry by going to the toilet when they need to;
the habit of getting underwear from their dresser drawers; the idea that training pants and undies are different from nappies.

If they happen to have an accident, Pampers toilet training pants will absorb the mess that undies can’t! By using Pampers toilet training pants they will know that they are becoming a big kid. They will have the responsibility of taking care of themselves. 

Treat Pampers toilet training pants just Like Undies. Treat Pampers toilet training pants as you would normal undies, except for the fact that you dispose of them as opposed to ash them. Take it a step further and store Pampers toilet training pants in their drawers or cupboard.

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Weight 0.9000 kg
Dimensions 20 × 8 × 32.5 cm


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