P&G “Ariel” Living Dry Gel Ball 3D 17PK

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Cleans dirt from clothes with gel ball’s unique 3D three-dimensional structure 

*Clears up dullness and yellowing, wash your laundry only once! 

*Convenient and time-saving; does not require you to measure out the amount of detergent you need

*Active ingredients are separated in the gel ball which maximises its effects when used 

*Washes out 100 types of stains 

*50 times more antibacterial than conventional liquid detergent 

*Easy to use – simply put gel ball into washing machine, load clothes and start washing!

– Works well with both top and front loading washing machines

– Blue/Ariel Power Gel: Anti-bacterial & Odour Away 

– Green/Ariel Living Dry Gel: Indoor drying 

How to Use 

● Please ensure your hands are dry when you take out the gel ball. 

● Dosage: 1 gelball for washing 30L – 65L of water or full load for 2.0kg-6.0kgs washing machine, or replacement for liquid detergent amt 0.4cup -1 cup.

● Insert into the bottom of the washing tub (the bottom of the laundry). 

● The detergent outer film dissolves in water.

Additional information

Weight 0.3790 kg
Dimensions 13 × 6.5 × 18 cm


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