P&G “Bold” Gel Ball 3D Healing Premium Blossom Scent Refills 63PK

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Bold Gel Ball prevents pollen from adhering to clothes with a single rinse and regular washing.


P&G Bold Gel Ball 3D Healing Premium Blossom Scent Jumbo Refill 63PK

Bold Gel Ball prevents pollen from adhering to clothes with a single rinse and regular washing.

Smoothing the surface of the cloth prevents the generation of static electricity and suppresses the adhesion of pollen. As a result of a test conducted by an external testing institution, it was confirmed that when the gel ball was washed alone, the effect of reducing the pollen adhesion prevention rate of clothes after washing to around 90% with a single rinse was confirmed. The same effect has been confirmed with Ariel and Bold gel balls.
If you want to rinse twice, please use our fabric softener, which also has the effect of preventing pollen adhesion.

  • Deodorizes unpleasant odors while wearing and gives off a more gorgeous scent!
  • Detoxification of clothing. The effect of removing impurities from the washing water that prevent the cleaning ingredients from functioning to their full potential cleans clothes and odors.
  • Combined with a dirt decomposition booster! Reborn detergency that thoroughly decomposes and rinses away dirt from the roots! Thoroughly cleans without pre-washing such as stubborn sebum stains and spilled food.
  • Easy ironing! (Compared to our other powder detergents, cotton material, average laundry amount P & G survey)
  • Contains plant-derived ingredients ( Some of the soft components are derived from plants)
  • Rinse once OK!
  • Renewal release 
  • Healing premium blossom scent. 

How to use

● Estimated amount of use: 1 grain per 30L to 65L (2kg to 6kg) of water. 65L or more (6kg or more), 2 tablets are recommended when you want to enjoy the scent more.
● When using 2 tablets in a drum washing machine, the rinsing time may be longer.

Ingredients: Surfactant (68%: linear alkylbenzene sulfonate, polyoxyethylene alkyl ether, alkyl ether sulfate ester salt, pure soap (fatty acid salt)), stabilizer (propylene glycol), dispersant, metal sequestering agent, Fragrances, softening ingredients, water softeners, enzymes, fluorescent whitening agents
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