P&G “Bold” Gel Ball 3D Refreshing Premium Clean Scent Jumbo Refill 46PK

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P&G “Bold” Gel Ball 3D Refreshing Premium Clean Scent Jumbo Refill 46PK

Laundry detergent with softener in a single gel pack.

  • Ironing has never been so fun!
  • You won’t believe how bright your whites are!
  •  Enjoy the fresh, clean fragrance

The newly formulated 3D gel balls have special “fluffing up ingredients” for a soft and smooth finish.

Just toss it in the washing machine!
No need to measure or add detergent and fabric softener separately – just toss it in with your laundry and press start!

With soft fluffy ingredients, ironing is easy.

At the moment when the components separated into three layers wash out, maximize the mixing effect for the first time. **
* Because active ingredients do not mix together
** To maximize the effect by not mixing active ingredients until the moment of washing

Actually, it can be used almost as many times as concentrated detergent with 1 gel ball.
* Compared with our compact liquid detergent (360 g), average laundry volume (P & G examination), vertical type washing machine used

Rinse one wash and save time and money.

Ingredients: Surfactant (68%: linear alkyl benzene sulfonates, polyoxyethylene alkyl ethers, alkyl ether sulfate, pure soap component (fatty acid salt)), stabilizing agent (propylene glycol), dispersing agent, sequestering agent, perfumes, softening ingredients, water softeners, enzymes, fluorescent whitening agents

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