Pigeon Baby Safe Nail Clippers with Case (9+ Months)

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A lever-shaped nail clipper recommended for babies with firm nails


Pigeon Baby Safe Nail Clippers with Case (9+ Months)

A lever-shaped nail clipper is recommended for babies with firm nails.

Flat angle blade design gives a clear view of the little fingernail and is close-cut without cutting too deep. The metal parts are made from carbon steel.

It is a baby-sized small blade.
The cutting edge is flat to prevent stuffing.
The handle is easy to hold and has a stable shape.
Comes with a case where the cut nails do not scatter.
Comes with a cap that protects the cutting edge when not in use.

With baby-sized small blades. The handle is in a size which is easy to grip for mothers and fathers and it has a secure shape.

●Materials/Ingredients: [Item Body] chrome plating finish carbon steel, [Handle, case] ABS resin, [Cap] polypropylene
●Handling Precautions:
・When using, be careful not to injure your hand.
・Dirt attached to the blade edge may cause rust, so wipe off dirt after use with tissue paper or cloth.
・Store out of reach of children.

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