Pigeon Little Bear Baby Weaning Spoon Set (4+ months)

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It is a set of a feeding spoon to feed and a spoon and fork for babies.
It’s the perfect size for your baby’s pocket.
Made of plastic, which is easy on the mouth even for young babies.

Suitable Age: From the beginning of the weaning period onward
This set includes a feeding spoon as well as baby spoon & fork. In a size that perfectly suits a baby’s mouth. Made of plastic, so also gentle on the mouths of younger infants. Can be sterilized by medicinal solution, boiling & microwave!

●Contents: 3
●Ingredients/Materials: polypropylene
●Handling Precautions:
・Be sure that this is used within eyesight of a guardian.
・Be sure to wash before using for the first time.
・The tips of these items may become colored due to food. However, there is no problem with hygiene.
・Use a soft sponge surface when cleaning. After, rinse away detergent well. If rubbed strongly or washed with a hard sponge surface, it may cause scratches.
・Do not leave near fire.

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