Pigeon Honeycomb Premium Care Disposable Breast Pads 102PK

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Premium quality breast milk pads especially recommended for moms with delicate nipples and first-time moms.
Smooth and silky touch, gentle on sensitive skin.
For those who are prone to itching and those who are prone to rough skin.

The part that hits the nipple is a soft and fluffy cushion.
Fluffy in the middle, gently wraps the nipple.

Instant absorption polymer for breast milk absorbs breast milk quickly. It also prevents reversion.
The surface is always smooth and comfortable because it is a fully ventilated sheet.
The area around the pad prevents sticking, and the chest area is also neat and slim.

Reliable absorption amount. It also catches large amounts of breast milk during the newborn period.

The three-dimensional cup prevents twisting and shape loss and keeps the shape until the end.
With 5 slip prevention tapes, it is hard to slip.

Easy two-piece wrapping that can be taken out in the form of a cup. You can quickly take out both the first and second sheets.

★ It is recommended that you change the breastfeeding pads to “every breastfeeding”.
Replace the breast pads every 3-4 hours when breastfeeding.
Body temperature is added to the nutrient-rich milk, which makes it easier for the absorbed milk to spoil and for germs to grow.

Let’s replace it frequently and keep it clean so that both mom and baby will have a comfortable breastfeeding life.

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