Pigeon First Mask Toddler Size Disposable Face Mask 7PK

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Pigeon First Mask Toddler Size Disposable Face Mask 7PK

Perfect Mask for Babies from 2 Years Up. Cut 99% of Virus Droplets


Pigeon First Mask Toddler Size Disposable Face Mask 7PK

Pigeon Toddler Size Disposable Face Mask is a small mask designed for children from 2 years old
Featuring a cute bear design, the mask has a 3D dome shape as well as an air vent for easy breathing. 
The fabric is light and soft for ease of wearing, with a soft string for comfort fitting over the ears.
  • Cut 99% of virus droplets
  • Compatible with 2 PM2.5
7 masks in each pack.
Material: Polypropylene / polyurethane / nylon
Size: Approximately 92 x 78 mm
  • Recommended for going out in the cold weather and to prevent infections.
  • A three-dimensional dome shape that creates a space around the mouth. It is comfortable because it does not stick.
  • Comes with a ventilation route for easy breathing.
  • Special design that fits the baby’s nose and cheeks without wires
  • The soft material inside with gentle touch.
  • Soft ear straps that do not hurt.
  • Comes with an illustration of a cute bear.

Precautions for use

● If you can secure a sufficient distance (at least 2 m or more) from people outdoors, consider the risk of heatstroke and remove the mask.
● If you are wearing a mask, avoid heavy work and exercise and try to keep hydrated even if you are not thirsty.
● It is also necessary to take a break by removing the mask as appropriate in a place where you can keep a sufficient distance from the people around you.

● Children over 2 years old may have difficulty breathing due to regurgitation.
Please be sure to keep an eye on your child during use.
● Do not hang the mask string around your neck or other areas other than your ears as there is a risk of suffocation.
● Do not use it for children who cannot put on or take off this product by themselves
● Do not use it when your child goes to bed.
● This product cuts splashes from the front and does not completely prevent infection.
● Do not use it for children under 2 years old or children with respiratory problems.
● Some children may not fit the size.
● Do not use it if you have an abnormality such as scratches, swelling, or eczema on your skin.
● Should you observe any abnormalities such as redness, swelling, itchiness, and irritation during or after use, discontinue use and consult a doctor.
● If your child feels sick due to the smell of the mask, discontinue use.
● Do not use it if it is wet.
● It has no effect on harmful gas and dust.
● Since it is a disposable mask, it cannot be reused by washing. We recommend using one sheet per day (from the viewpoint of hygiene and functionality), but if it gets dirty, replace it.
● Please avoid using near the fire.
● Keep out of reach of children.
● Avoid storing in a hot and humid place.

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  • The packaging of the real product may be different from the image.

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