Unicharm Moony Maternity Pads Size L 5PK (On the Day of Childbirth)

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Moony Unicharm
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A gentle device that makes full use of the technology of “Sophie Hadaomoi”

Safe for delicate skin

  • The absorption surface is not embossed and has a more fluffy finish. Since the area that touches the skin is small, the burden on the skin is reduced.
  • A safe device to prevent leakage: Firmly absorbent polymer formulation. Reliable by absorbing moisture firmly. In addition, safe three-dimensional gathers prevent lateral leakage.
  • The ingenuity that is easy to use: The maternity pad series is available in three sizes, L, M, and S. It can be safely used on delicate skin after childbirth. You can choose the size according to your condition.
  • L size can be used on the day of baby birth / for water rupture (28 cm x 55 cm). It is safe to wrap up to the buttocks. The curved shape fits the foot naturally, and you can spend it without feeling stiff and uncomfortable.

What is a maternity pad?

Hygiene products used to deal with lochia immediately after childbirth

“Puerperal pads” are also called “postpartum pads” and “postpartum napkins”, and are hygiene used to deal with secretions from the endometrium after childbirth called lochia, the part where the placenta was, and the scars on the birth canal. It is an article. Although there are individual differences, lochia lasts for 1 to 2 months immediately after giving birth. Initially it is dark red and the amount is large, but the color gradually becomes lighter and the amount changes slightly. There are three types of maternity pads, L, M, and S sizes, so that you can choose according to the amount of lochia and changes in conditions.

Do you need a maternity pad? Should I choose a special product?

The skin after childbirth is very delicate. A special maternity pad is recommended.

After giving birth, the skin is very delicate and can be painful. We recommend that you use a special maternity pad that is designed to be more skin-friendly, especially for delicate skin after childbirth. In addition, the maternity pad has excellent absorbency and absorbs moisture well.

How do you use a maternity pad?

Used by attaching to the inside of maternity shorts or ordinary shorts. The maternity pad is used with maternity shorts (maternity shorts) and ordinary shorts. Like a menstrual napkin, it is used by attaching it to the inside of shorts.

How to replace the maternity pad?

If you can replace it yourself, you can use it like a menstrual napkin. Immediately after giving birth, nurses and midwives may exchange the baby, including checking the progress. In that case, it seems that the baby shorts are often opened from the front or side and replaced. Once you can replace it in the bathroom yourself, you can raise and lower the shorts and replace them, just like a menstrual napkin.

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