Japanese Anti Pollen/Virus Splash/PM2.5/Dust Surgical Mask 1 Box (50 PCs)

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99% cut filter
1. BFE bacteria droplet collection (filtration) efficiency test
2. VFE virus droplet collection (filtration) efficiency test
3. PFE particle collection efficiency test
4. Pollen particle collection (filtration)

basic test product basic information
Product name: Mask (Product name: Surgical mask) Country of origin: Japan
Material: Main body-Filter part … Polypropylene
         -Ear sun part … Polyurethane, nylon 
         ・ Nose Fit: Polyethylene

Number of sheets: 50 sheets Size: 175 mm ⅹ 90 mm

Additional information

Weight 0.3000 kg
Dimensions 0.200 × 0.100 × 0.100 cm


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