Lifree Urine Care Clean Style Pants™ Natural Blue – Size M (Waist 60-85cm) – 20 Pieces by Unicharm

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Lifree Urine Care Clean Style Pants™ Natural Blue – Size M (Waist 60-85cm) – 20 Pieces by Unicharm

Provide discreet, reliable protection for active lifestyles. With a soft, flexible fit and triple odor-eliminating power, these pants offer comfort and confidence for up to 2 urinations.


Lifree Urine Care Clean Style Pants™ Natural Blue – Size M (Waist 60-85cm) – 20 Pieces by Unicharm

Discover unparalleled comfort and confidence with Lifree Clean Style Pants™ Natural Blue. These advanced urine care diapers are tailored for those leading active lives, offering protection for up to 2 urinations, allowing you to seize the day without hesitation.

Key Features:

Seamless Material for Effortless Silhouette
Crafted with seamless material, Lifree Clean Style Pants™ ensure a flawless, wrinkle-free fit. Shaped to embrace your natural curves, they create a clean, defined hip line for an effortless silhouette.

Flexible Fit Absorbent Core for Ultimate Comfort
Featuring a soft and flexible absorbent core, these pants gently envelop your hips, providing unparalleled comfort and freedom of movement. Strategically designed for targeted support, they guarantee a secure, comfortable fit all day long.

Sleek Contour Around the Legs
Experience a sleek, snug fit around your legs with Lifree Clean Style Pants™. The innovative design boasts an absorbent core groove that stretches diagonally, delivering a secure, discreet fit.

Triple Odor-Eliminating Power
Infused with natural pink hues and silver, these pants offer triple odor-eliminating power. Bid farewell to unpleasant odors with the effective elimination of ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, and dimethylamine, ensuring you feel fresh and confident.

Full Ventilation Sheet for Unmatched Dryness
Stay dry and comfortable with Lifree Clean Style Pants™ full ventilation sheet. Engineered to prevent dampness, it keeps your skin dry and irritation-free throughout the day.

Product Specifications:

  • Guideline for Number of Absorptions: 2 urinations (If there is 150 ml of urine for one urination by Unicharm measurement method)
  • Sizes Available: M size Waist 60~85cm Hips 80~95cm; L size Waist 75~100cm Hips 90~105cm
  • Number of Pieces: M (20 pcs.), L (18 pcs.)

Usage Recommendations: Lifree Clean Style Pants™ are perfect for various occasions, including:

  • Bus trips
  • Airplane travel
  • Theater or movie outings
  • Gym workouts and exercises

User Reviews: Here’s what some of our satisfied users have to say:

  • “I was able to enjoy my outings without worrying about bathroom trips! I used it during long outings when bathroom breaks weren’t an option, and I was always concerned about leaks. Thanks to Lifree, I was able to participate worry-free and comfortably.” – Woman in her 50s
  • “Putting it on was a breeze, even with my weak fingers. As a mother with less-than-strong fingers, I found Lifree Clean Style Pants™ easy to put on.” – Woman in her 50s
  • “I felt a sense of peace of mind using Lifree. I tried it out during times when I couldn’t access a bathroom easily, and it provided me with much-needed peace of mind.” – Woman in her 50s

Additional Notes:

  • Not intended for fecal incontinence.
  • Do not wash in the washing machine.

Packaging Disclaimer: Please note that Lifree Clean Style Pants™ is a Japanese product, and all labeling is exclusively in Japanese. Actual packaging may vary from the image shown, as design updates may occur without prior notice.

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