Natural Moony Organic Cotton Nappy Samples-1 Piece

Moony Natural Moony
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Moony Natural Nappies Samples

Moony Natural – Moony’s latest and most premium Natural Organic Cotton Nappies!

1. Japan’s first disposable diaper for babies with a surface sheet containing organic cotton

Natural Moony has increased the softness of its surface sheet that touches the skin by 20% by mixing organic cotton. Also, by switching the hydrophilic agent used for the sheet to purely plant-derived one, the sheet has been made additive-free, mildly acidic to make sure that babies wearing the diaper can feel secured.

2. “Yuru-unchi Kyushu Zone” (soft stool-absorbing zone)

a newly developed technology of using an uneven structure to absorb soft stool, Natural Moony has reduced the amount of soft stool remaining on babies’ buttocks — a phenomenon unique to babies less than 4 months old — by 36%. This has eliminated one of the elements that has caused diaper rash to babies’ skin. Unicharm is determined to propose these new values to the diaper market by releasing Natural Moony.

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