Nepia Anpanman Nose Celebrity Tissue Itsumo 180 Double Layer Sheets x 3 Boxes

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Nepia Anpanman Nose Celebrity Tissue Itsumo 180 Double Layer Sheets x 3 Boxes

Moisturizing tissue that is soft and moisturized. Cute Anpanman package. Formulated with baby oil. It is easy to use, not only for the nose of adults but also for the delicate nose of children.

  • Anpanman’s “Nose Celebrity” is made with a focus on softness. Special specifications are fluffy and thick.
  • Anpanman’s “Hana Celeb” contains “triple moisturizing”, moisturizing ingredients “plant-derived squalane” and “baby oil”.
  • No Fluorescent dyes.
  • Use only 100% fresh pulp that has never been processed on paper.


Nepia Anpanman Nose Celebrity Tissue Itsumo 180 Double Layer Sheets x 3 Boxes

Introduction: Discover the epitome of comfort with Nepia Anpanman Nose Celebrity Tissue. This moisturizing tissue, enriched with baby oil, offers a gentle touch for both adults and the delicate noses of children. Packaged in adorable Anpanman characters, this 3-box set ensures softness, moisture, and a cheerful design for your everyday needs.

Key Features:

  • Double Moisturizing: Infused with “plant-derived squalane” and “baby oil” for double moisturizing, Anpanman Hana Celeb cares for your skin with natural hydration.
  • Specially Designed: Soft and thick, the tissue is meticulously crafted for a luxurious feel, meeting the standards for cosmetic raw materials and food additives.
  • Fluorescent Dye-Free: Ensure a safe and pure experience with tissues free from fluorescent dyes, perfect for the most sensitive noses.
  • 100% Fresh Pulp: Crafted from 100% fresh pulp, untouched by processing, guaranteeing a quality tissue unlike any other.
  • Cheerful Design: Featuring Anpanman, Melonpanna, and Baikin-man, the tissue comes in a vibrant and cute design, adding a touch of joy to your routine.

Contents: 360 sheets (180 pairs) x 3 Boxes

User Guide:

  • Time Consideration: Avoid leaving the tissue unused for an extended period.
  • Disposal Caution: As it doesn’t easily dissolve in water, refrain from flushing it or throwing it in the toilet.
  • Fire Safety: Keep away from fire to prevent any risk of ignition.
  • Skin Sensitivity: Discontinue use if it disagrees with your skin.
  • Perforation Awareness: Be cautious of perforations to prevent finger injury.
  • Odor Absorption: Store carefully to avoid absorbing odors.
  • Anti-Fogging: Avoid using on glasses to prevent fogging.
  • Infant Safety: Keep out of reach of infants.
  • Tissue Evenness: Lightly shake the box if tissues appear uneven.

Note: This Japanese product comes with labels in Japanese only. The actual packaging may vary from the image. Experience the gentle touch of Anpanman every day!

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