Size Nb for Newborn-3kg Smaller Babies 30 Pcs of Natural Moony Organic Cotton Nappy

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Moony Natural Cotton Newborn to 3000g Nappies are specially designed for babies born with lighter body weight.

It fits smaller babies perfectly so it is more comfortable to wear.

Natural cotton provides softness and comfort that reduces chances of nappy rush.NB30 4(2)


The World’s First!* 3-Dimensional form fits perfectly to your baby’s body frame! 
Rounded fit that is not overly tight

Soft and Comfortable fit around curves!

New curvy form that matches your baby’s round body frame!
Tightening around the babies waist and legs has been reduced by about 50%!Wraps very gently!

  • ★1 Comparison with our conventional products (assumed values for S size)
  • ★2 There are individual differences depending on the baby’s body and how the diapers are put on.
  • *1 The stretch sheets around the waist and crotch along with the uniquely cut shape of the absorber help to fit around the baby’s body.
  • *2 Unicharm research conducted in September 2012 on tape-type baby diapers from major global brands

Prevents leakage even from runny stools!

Stretchable fit gather

Soft & Comfortable fit on the back!Perfect for when carrying or breast-feeding your baby! 
Fits perfectly to the back’s curves and protects against leaks!


New Technology – Wavy stretchable gather!

Soft and Comfortable fit around the base of the leg!The wavy cut gather fits softly around the babies’ tiny legs! It does not overly tighten and is gentle to the skin!


Air silky – gentle to the skin!

Ultra-fine "Silk-like" fiberThe airy weave of the silky fine fibers used in the inner sheet, gently wraps the delicate skin of the baby and helps to prevent rashes.


Stays dry while preventing leakage
Full ventilation sheet

Ventilates stuffiness for dry bottoms


nbs img05No worries around the navel area
Umbilical Cord Notch


nbs img06Super absorption to prevent worries of leakage


nbs img07Easy to know when to replace
Wetness Indicator

*The line changes blue-green after urination.


<Six Types>
Cute & Friendly Winnie the Pooh designs

(Three designs per package)

  • nbs pooh img01


  • nbs pooh img02


  • nbs pooh img03



A babies’ weight changes most dramatically, during the newborn to S size phase. There has been an increase in the ratio of babies born small.

● Baby’s growth curve during the first year (changes in weight)

Baby's growth curve during the first year (changes in weight)

● Changes in the ratio of babies with a birth weight of less than 3,000g

Changes in the ratio of babies with a birth weight of less than 3,000g

Smaller-sized babies in particular tend to experience diaper-related problems

●The incidence rate of problems for smaller babies at the time of hospital discharge

When considering the weight of babies over 3kg at time of hospital discharge as “100”

Does not fit well to the body…122 There is urine leakage…136

Even diapers for newborns results in leakage from gaps.

Proper fitting diapers should feel more comfortable for babies, too.

You can choose diaper size according to the stage of your baby’s growth: 
Preemie (birth to 3kg) and Newborn (birth to 5kg).

Unicharm carries out professional research on the form and top sheet functions of diapers.

Unicharm has conducted extensive research and has announced that their new diapers developed to fit the body size and skin (i.e. material that is gentle to the skin) of premature babies can reduce the stress of urination and defecation. The research was carried out in collaboration with the Japan Association of Research on Developmental Care.

nbs study img

[Research results]

  • 1. It was found that there is a high likelihood that Moony Preemie, which was developed to be suitable for the body size and skin (i.e. material that is gentle to the skin) of premature babies can reduce their stress of urination and defecation.
  • 2. The texture, design and size of Moony Preemie, has received positive evaluation

About the 17th Neonatal Respiratory Care and Monitoring Forum
(March 19 – 21, 2015)

About the Japan Association of Research on Developmental Care
Based on the principle of developmental care (to implement kind and compassionate care focused around babies and their families with the objective of babies’ warm emotional growth), the Association aims for the development of neonatal medicine and the creation of futures for babies and their families. At the same time, the Association develops and promotes educational programs for physicians, nurses, etc. (President: Hiroshi Nishida, M.D., Honorary Professor, Tokyo Women’s Medical University)



How to use Moony

The top of the back half should reach higher up than the belly button line

Pull the tape a bit tightly and stretch it when securing

  • – The side with the tape is “The backside”
  • – Open the diaper and slide the back half under the baby to the top of the waist
  • – Pull the tape and make sure that it fits snugly
    The entire backside of the diaper stretches which prevents you from worrying about the diaper being too tight for your baby.

*Note: Make sure that the left and right sides have been placed symmetrically


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